Interior Design Careers

Interior Designers Institute offers job placement services for A.A., B.A. and Master’s Degree students. A natural transition from the college classroom to the workplace is the Institute’s Internship Program for B.A. students, which gives them the opportunity to learn from leading designers while pursuing their studies. These students have actual experience working one-to-one with clients. This is a real advantage when entering the interior design field upon graduation.

The Institute will do all it can to help you find a job that best suits your particular needs and talents. However, like other colleges and universities, although we provide thorough training and a job placement assistance program, we cannot guarantee employment.

A professional interior designer is one who is qualified by education and experience. career-placement

Firms hiring our graduates and students include:

  • Gensler and Associates – #1 in the Country
  • WATG Wimberly Allison Tong and Goo – Hotel Design
  • Disney Studios
  • James Adams & Associates – Designers of Caesar’s Palace
  • H. Hendy & Associates
  • The Hatch Design Group – Hospitality Design/The Cheesecake Factory restaurant
  • Takara Belmont – Salon and Spa Design
  • John Benecke Interior Design – High-end residential design
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Arthur Valdez & Associates – Designers of the Four Seasons Hotels
  • Sony Studios
  • Michael Graves & Associates – World-renowned architectural and design firm
  • IA Interior Architects – Globm-obny im-hIA Interior Architects E/idim1ySh5.3 nge,itects Sta. HSmwilllonce,iBigiveri>Gens/">R
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